Instructions for Registration and for Payment
  1. On Main page you will see two buttons.

    1. Login - If a user already registered, he/she can directly click on Login button and start test by entering login credentials.

    2. Sign up - The new user has to register and need to enter the required information as asked on the registration page. The user will receive an email notification with the registration link. The user has to click on that link to activate the account with us.

  2. You will see our main page, where you can take a free mock test after clicking on 'Start Test' button in Sample package, you can select different packages and payment modes for packages.

  3. Click on “Login” button for any package you would like to go for, it will redirect to dashboard, you will get different packages regarding payment. Click on 'Pay' button, it will navigate you to payment mode window.

  4. It will display selected package and the required amount. You will need to select State, City and Agent and select a Payment option you are willing to pay 'Online' or through 'Voucher'.

  5. If you select payment method as 'Online' it will navigate you to new secured window where you will require to enter your details such as name, address, phone no and your email ID. You need to provide your card and bank details and you can make a payement. You will shortly recieve a confirmation of payment from Online Assessment Tools. After payment confirmation immediately your selected package will get activated. Note that all exams are time bond.

  6. If you select a ‘Voucher’ payment mode purchase from our dealers, you will require to enter voucher code in voucher field. Your package will get activated immediately after your code confirmation. (To get the vouchers you can contact our support number).

  7. Once you are done with payment, it will re-direct you to the 'Dashboard' where user will get a information regarding package and tests.

  8. Please make a note, all questions are time bond so make sure you should complete your test and submit your answer as early as possible to get a your exact potential graph.